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All Around Roofing Services: Gutters

Gutters – they aren’t very eye catching and they certainly aren’t the first thing we notice on a home; however, they do serve a purpose. Properly installed gutters are responsible for moving water away from the home and its foundation, keeping the home’s exterior protected from water damage.

Gutter systems come in a wide array of materials and shapes, giving the homeowner a variety of options when it comes to choosing a new gutter system, and as the homeowner, understanding the basics can be most beneficial when choosing a system that’s best suited for your home. Partnering with an experienced contractor is the only way to go when it comes to choosing a new gutter system and having it installed. All Around Roofing and Exteriors Florida of Rockledge, FL has the expertise to help you through the process of choosing gutters that will improve the exterior of your home.

The workings of a gutter system usually consist of the gutter, end cap, downspout, one or multiple elbows, and brackets or hangers and the two most common shapes are the half round or K style. Half round gutters are relatively simple and are seen most on older homes, whereas the K style gutters are usually more decorative.

There are several materials that gutters can be made of with wood, metal, and vinyl being the most standard. Vinyl gutters are inexpensive, but they aren’t as solid as metal and don’t typically last long. Wood gutters demand regular maintenance and are quite heavy, which renders them the least favorable of the gutter systems. Metal gutters are the most popular choice because they are long lived and durable. They come in many choices such as aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc, with aluminum being the most affordable. When choosing a gutter system, the homeowner can opt to add filters, debris barriers, and gutter covers to assist in blocking leaves and other debris, keeping the gutters from clogging or becoming blocked.

The Rockledge area contractors at All Around Roofing and Exteriors Florida provide gutter services to homeowners throughout Rockledge and Cocoa Beach. Our services also include residential and commercial roofing, and exterior painting. If you need gutter replacement or repairs, or any other home exterior services, give the pros at All Around Roofing and Exteriors Florida a call today!

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